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Sustainability is environment education. Practicing sustainability empowers children to construct knowledge, explore values and develop appreciation of the environment and its relationship to the world. They can develop the creativity and critical thinking skills necessary to intake informed decisions for change and improve the quality of their lives. Sustainable practices are embedded in the children’s daily routine and in their day-to-day activities. These include:

  • Using recyclable materials where possible.
  • Encouraging children to turn the water off when they have washed their hands.
  • Encouraging children to recycle paper and rubbish within their rooms, at home and when in the wider community.
  • Talking with the children about electricity and encouraging them to turn off lights.
  • Educating children in the natural decomposition cycle through exposure and participation in worm farms and composting food scraps.
  • Educating children and having them participate in ‘garden to plate’ activities i.e., seed sprouting, weeding, vegetable gardens, cooking amongst other activities.
  • Educating children in how to care for pets.
  • Educating children on caring for plants and our waterways i.e., recycling water etc.
Sustainability Education Programs Brookfield
Sustainability Education Programs Brookfield
Sustainability Education Programs for Early Childhood in Brookfield

Ever since the start of its endeavour, Greenfield Early Learning Centre has been offering holistic support, resources as well as professional development in regards to education for sustainability during the early years.We are home to highly skilled, qualified, passionate and committed professionals who actively strive to advocate and promote education for sustainability, across various areas of sustainability education programs in Brookfield. The objective of our mission has been to prepare children with sustainable knowledge and character that help them overcome the challenges of life, going forward.

Sustainability Education for Childcare Centres Brookfield
Sustainability Education for Childcare Centres Brookfield
What does our Sustainability Education for Early Childhood in Brookfield mean?

When things come down to discussing our sustainability education in early childhood in Brookfield it is all about the commitment showcased by our support educators who are experts in the field of early childhood education. It is all about their way of working in seamless coordination with the children, their support staff as well as families.When you bank on us, we engage the best and the most qualified educators who will come up with perfectly customised education as per the standard regulations. All our team members are highly educated, skilled and experienced to come up with lessons of sustainability and turn them into a regular practice in the children’s daily life.

Sustainability Education in Early Childhood Brookfield
Sustainability Education in Early Childhood Brookfield
What does our Sustainability Education for Early Childhood include?
At Greenfield Early Learning Centre, our sustainability education for early childhood in Brookfield includes:
  • Lessons about the tactics and needs of using sustainable or recyclable materials wherever possible
  • Educating children about the issue of water scarcity and helping them grow the habit of turning water sources off when they are done with using it.
  • Educating children about the utility of paper and trash recycling at home as well as when they are in a community circle.
  • Encouraging children about the ills of misusing electricity usage and encouraging them into turning off lights and fans in empty rooms
  • Encouraging children to learn more about the natural cycle of decomposition and the importance of participating in worm farms
  • Encouraging children in caring for pets and teaching them how to make friends with them
  • Educating children about the importance of having plants at home and teaching them the tactics of plant care. We also educate them about the importance of recycling water.
This perhaps states the importance of our mission and vision, and the crux of the education that we offer to the children at their early age.
Sustainability Education Brookfield
Sustainability Education Brookfield
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