Quality Education & Fun
Quality education and fun
Quality educational programs significantly influence children’s development in all areas. We have the opportunity to provide a supportive learning environment and program, gaining inspiration from the children and families. Thoughtfully planned experiences and environments encourage the children to feel a sense of control over their actions, be curious and investigate, and explore their understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them. We aim to enhance children’s learning and development through the pedagogical practices of educators in a positive learning environment through which the five learning outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) are supported and promoted. Educators will gather and interpret information about children as individuals to inform the preparation of the environment, and implement experiences that are engaging and meaningful, supporting children’s holistic development.
Our Service also supports the Early Years Learning Framework through the following:
  • Each child’s learning will be based on their interests and strengths and guided by educators.
  • Educators must work in collaboration with families to provide relevant learning experiences for each child, based on their interests and family experiences.
  • Every child will be equally valued. Their achievements and learning will be celebrated.
  • Educators will observe and record the strengths and learning of each child.
  • Educators will work closely with children and families to produce ideas for the curriculum.
  • Learning Outcomes will be linked to the curriculum during and after each child’s learning has occurred.
  • The curriculum will be constructed based on the children’s interests, educators extending children’s interests, spontaneous experiences, and family contribution.
  • Where appropriate, the service will liaise with external agencies and support persons to best educate and care for children with additional needs.
  • Each child’s play and learning experiences will be used to build and develop each child’s individual Learning Stories, Portfolio and Observations demonstrating strengths and development.
  • The curriculum will be evaluated and reflected upon continuously by educators.