Child safety & security
Child safety and security
Early Childhood Services can be a high-risk environment for incidents and accidents to children, families, Educators, and visitors. Our Service is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment through comprehensive policies and procedures and managing risks and hazards appropriately and effectively. We aim to protect the health, safety and welfare of children, educators, families, and visitors of the Service by complying with current health and safety laws and legislation.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all health and safety needs are met through the implementation of a high standard of hygiene practices to control the spread of infectious diseases, the prevention and management of injuries and illness, and to provide a safe and secure physical environment for children. Our staff are committed to assist in infection prevention controls and have completed the COVID-19 infection control training. We believe in quality education and care in an environment that provides for all children’s protection through adequate supervision, safe experiences and environments, and vigilance to potential risks. Educators at the Service are dedicated to understanding their legal and ethical responsibility to protect the children enrolled at the Service.